Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Going cute and comfy today for the outfit. My charlotte russe jeans from like 10 years ago, a forever 21 t-shirt, H&M cardigan, and converse sneakers. I have a pretty busy day today, I have work, then I have to pick Hubs up at the airport, and then I have first exam of the semester covering 4 chapters of material, Yikes! I think I'm prepared just gotta do a run down of my notes pre-test. Haven't seen Hubs in a week and of course he comes back on a night I have school until 9 at night. The valentine's gift I ordered came yesterday so we are all set to celebrate Thursday night. Big night plan playing with the Hubs gift and getting carry out, that's how I prefer my valentine's day. Las year we went out to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant which was awesome too but I am looking forward to a Vday on our couch, especially when I haven't seen him in a week I don't wanna share his attention with some restaurant, it's hard enough sharing his attention with Guido, haha.

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