Friday, February 15, 2013

Bourbon salmon, banana bread, and presents!

What an eventful evening after work. We stopped to do a quick grocery shop and get some easy stuff for dinner, we went to a store called Fresh Market it's a little organic food store that has a great meat, seafood, and deli. We picked up some bourbon glazed salmon filets and grilled those up and a corn souffle that I heated in the oven, it was quite yummy.

I decided to make banana chocolate chip walnut bread with my overly ripe bananas. So this is what my kitchen looks like when I cook, hahaha, I get everything out and scatter it everywhere on the counters.

This has the flour, choc chips, measuring cups, stove.

whole grain flour, vanilla, baking soda, nuts

all the bowls required and my mixer, oh and the bananas.

I use a recipe from you can't go wrong with their recips but I tweek it a bit, I use 1 cup whole wheat organic flour and 1/4 cup of white instead of using all white flour. I tried making this once using the splenda baking mix, it doesn't turn out the same because you are required to cream the butter an sugar together and splenda doesn't cream. I use a bit less than the 1/2 cup of butter as well. Since I don't make this too often I don't make too many changes to healthify it, this is a treat I just try to keep it as clean as possible by using organic flour and vanilla.

Finished product, mmmmmmm!

The presents for V-day. The big bag was from Hubs to me and the little bag was my gift to him.
I got a sweet card that he wrote some romantic italian stuff in, hahaha I am super lucky they aren't lying when they say Italian men are romantic. I also got 2 pajama shirts from Mall of America where he stopped on his last work trip, he also picked up a fantastic cookbook for the Italian Slow cook! I can't wait to try some of these recipes he said he looked thru them and approved before buying it to make sure they were authentic and not chicken alfredo, ahahaha. I got him a video game for the Wii, it's called Chicken Riot. It was a lot of fun and already addicted, you are the angry farmer and have a farm of crazy chickens attacking you and you have to shoot them. We don't go all out crazy for valentines day with jewels and flowers or anything just cute fun gifts and a yummy dinner, a perfect date night!

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