Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back to school!

Moved all weekend into the new place, that's why the shortage of weekend of wrap-up post. Soon I'll have the pics of Italy and the house.
Not sure if I told you but since my trip to Italy I have taken a liking to espresso, still don't like coffee, I know strange I like the stronger one. Well I have tried the mocha latte at starbucks and it may have replaced my chai tea at least for a bit, good that now I have more choices there, or maybe it's bad. I think it may be out of control when I stop there twice in one day. This is my morning mocha latte and below is my evening chai tea at school.

Today or should I say tonight was the first day back to school for the spring semester. This is the student union at my university and also where I get my starbucks.

The class tonight was a management class, was pretty interesting. My professor is from Scottland, has a nice accent. He seems to be a pretty enthusiastic professor and likes making the material relatable to the students, we talked about Abercrombie and Coach last night what more can a girl ask for in a business class.

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