Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random mix

Okay so here is a random mix of pics for you...
First up last night's dinner, pan fried pork chops with some olive oil and with steak rub on them, next time I swear I will remember to pound them with the meat mallet and make them thinner so they cook more evenly. I always forget to use the meat mallet, not sure why you think it would be fun to take a heavy hammer like object to meat and beat the shit out of it.

Next up, half of today's outfit, the bottom half that you cannot see is some old bootcut jeans and a pair of black and white converse. Need to get a full length mirror or a husband that likes to take pictures of his wife when he's in town, hahahaha.

And this morning's breakfast, a yummy mocha latte from panera. I also had a blueberry bagel with lowfat cream cheese and picked up a fruit cup to eat later since I have to take a later lunch today with the hubby on a road trip for work and me having school tonight it's a lot of crate time for poor Guido so I take a late lunch and hopefully since it's the first class of the semester I get out just a little bit earlier.
You can also see my new tattoo I got in Italy. It's from my husband's sister, it's going to need a bit of retouching after it's completely healed probably another week or so. My sister-in-law tattoos permanent make-up so we thought it would be fun for my hubby to draw a heart and her to tattoo it but the needle is so much thinner than a regular tattoo needle that if you look close it's needs to retouching. However, I am contemplating not retouching becuase it's in a inconspicous spot and it makes it more unique, how many people have a heart tattoo drawn by their husband and tattooed by their sister-in-law?

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