Thursday, January 17, 2013

Friday Eve!!!!

So I ended up leaving class about an hour early last night, the professor may not be happy since it was the first night but to be honest I was having a bad day yesterday. Had a lot of out of the ordinary things at work that just added to the stress of my life currently. Lucky for me I know the professor, I have had her before and she knows that I do normally work very hard with my studies.
I think the stress and temperature changes here in the Ohio River Valley are taking a toll on my hair, it's been a mess lately. Also the last time I had a trim I told the girl that I was trying to get it longer so she trimmed just the bare minimum from my ends and on curly hair when your ends get a little scraggly they knot up and get heavy and pull the top part of your hair flat and it's just awful. So last night before school I had an extra 10 minutes so I stopped at a drugstore to buy a deep conditioner and walked out with this, Nexxus Pro-mend, you put a nickle size amount on your hair after you shower and style as usual. So far after just one use I think I'm going to love this stuff, best hair I've had in over a week I must say. There is a whole line of pro-mend products however I tend to find that the leave-in treatments and conditioners are the most important investments for hair.

Today's outfit, again sorry you can't see the pants, I promise to fix this soon. Today I have on my velvety abercrombie skinnies and a grey cowlneck sweater, it's short sleeved so I tossed on my pink cardy. Oh on my feet are my simple black leather ballet flats. Needed somewhat comfortable today to go with all my stress and the germs flying around have me thinking I'm fighting a cold or virus. Loading up on fruit and vitamins!

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