Friday, January 18, 2013


Okay so I don't have a full length mirror setup just yet so no fashion post, although your missing out, I look pretty cute today!
So here is a cooking post, last night's dessert! One bag of frozen mixed berries dump in a pot and turn on low (like a 2 or 3 setting on the burner) put a couple spoons of sugar or I use the splenda baking blend to save calories. Simmer away with the lid on until they are all melted and sitting in a nice pool of their liquid, becareful becuase the juices can boil over at low temperatures so check and stir often. After it's all melted and yummy looking turn off and let it cool.

You can do anything with this berry sauce, eat it with waffles, or toast (instead of jelly), I put some with lowfat frozen vanilla yogurt. Now after I was half way through I realized I should or could have added some whipped topping and chocolate sauce but forgot all about thouse guess I'll have to make it again tonight for dessert, hahaha.

You can store the leftover berries in a tupperware container in the fridge pop them out and spoon into a bowl to heat as necessary in the microwave.

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