Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flight to Italia

Well here are some pics from the trip these were from my phone. I have a bit of a fear of flying, there was an incident on my plane once a few years back that involved dropping all the fuel to get rid of weight because our cabin couldn't pressurize and we couldn't get the right altitude ended up turning around and flying back super low to Punta Cana. Ever since I basically cry when the plane takes off, it has something to do with control issues I think, that moment when the plane leaves the ground there's no turning back you life is in the hands of the plane and the pilot. Anyway because of that for me to fly I require a few cocktails, choice on this trip white wine and lots of it. There's also a pic of the huge boeing 767 that carried me all the way to Paris and me on the plane getting settled in my seat with a bit of the giggles. Oh and my first food in Eyrope, nothing special, some chocolate croissant thingys but they were yummy.

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