Saturday, December 1, 2012

weekend wrap-up...

Friday night nothing exciting, just more homework, but Saturday was exciting at least for me. Mom came over and we did some shopping for my Christmas presents, had lunch, and then I picked my hubby up from the airport. Sunday was filled with more homework, a meeting at Starbucks actually to finish up some details on a group project. Also included a trip to the grocery store to get some dinner items, thank goodness I live very close to the grocery store since I make so many trip there.

 Saturday outfit, Doors shirt from Forver 21 love this shirt, well love it under a sweater or a jacket it has odd sleeves under there.

Things I purchased Saturday, Vanilla Lace from Victoria Secret, this has been my trademark scent since I was about 15, love this scent it's like cookies and rice krispie treats and everything sweet and comforting. I get a lot of compliments on it but I tend to make people crave cookies when they smell me. 

New pajamas, finally! A score too at $20 for the set at TJ Maxx and they are made by Ellen Tracy, warm and cozy!

These are the shoes from mom for my Christmas present, these are Rampage booties, another score from TJ Maxx and the nude pumps are Bandolino a score from DSW on the clearance rack. Love them both, don't know how I've lived my life without them, hahaha, yes I have a bit of a shoe obsession.

Sweater, finally a navy blue knit sweater, and not from the men's department. Found this lovely from TJ Maxx for $16.99!

 These were some other TJ Maxx finds, the cups have my school logo on them, they are normally like $12 earch at my school bookstore but found them at TJ Maxx for $5 for the set! Then I found these totally cute Urban Beatz headphones, these were cheap only $14 but they are for my trip to Italy, that long international flight I'm not going to plug those little uncomfortable ear buds in my ears.
Picked up this shirt at Forever 21, I wanted something like the Doors shirt I was wearing and this one was only $10! The Pink yoga pants were another gift from mom, I love their foldover yoga pants and my last pair I wore them while scrubbing the toilets and got a spot of bleach on them, so these are my nice new ones and the old pair are now for cleaning! Oh I got some tights too, haven't tried them on so not sure how they will fit, they are small petites, I'm so picky about tights not sure why I try to wear them because they are always so, well tight as the name implies, but why so uncomfortable! Hope these work cause I have a few dresses I'd like to wear this winter and need to keep the legs warm somehow.

Oh my lovely Sunday spent going to Starbucks for a group meeting, it was pouring down rain so I wore a hat to protect my frizz prone curly locks, and my rain boots, Treton's bought last year from piperlime. And this is the new navy sweater, love love lover it! 

 Mmmm, nothing like sitting in starbucks on a rainy chilly Sunday morning sipping a warm latte and getting some work done.

And for the grand finale of the weekend I made crabcakes for our Sunday night dinner. They are so much easier than people think, do not be intimidated by the crab. So first I used one onion, one red bell pepper, and 2 cloves of garlic, all chopped into pieces and sweated in some olive oil of medium heat for about 15 minutes until nice and soft then I put the veggies in a bowl and in the fridge to chill. After it has been chilled I add a 8 oz jar of premium white crab meat and an 8 oz jar of claw meat to the veggies, one egg, a nice spoon of dijon mustard, panko bread crumbs, and a dash of hot sauce mix it all up and make patties. Then cook in a bit of olive oil on medium to medium-high heat about 3-4 minutes per side, if they fall apart hey it happens it tastes the same even if the shape isn't perfect. 

With the crab cakes I had a little salad and I made a homemade aoli sauce, which is just some reduced fat olive oil mayo, lemon juice, and diced up garlic cloves, I just put it all together until it tastes the way I want. I would have added a bit of tarragon to it but I was all out, so I put a pinch of sage just for some color and texture but you can't see in the photo.
Overall a nice weekend, next weekend will be filled with Christmas shopping for my Italian family.
Oh almost forgot the hubby got to open some gifts when he got home Saturday, I'm not traveling to Italy with a suitcase full of gifts for him to open there and bring back here, need all the room in my suitcase I can get. So far from me he got a North Face hooded denali fleece, he loved it, and I got him the Helo TC iphone controlled helicopter, he loved it! He got a nice Invicta diver watch from mom and loved that too, he was so happy telling me how lucky he is to have such a great family. He has 3 more gifts on there way, just got the notification that 2 shipped out today and maybe they will arrive by Friday! I love gift giving especially to him, he's so much fun to shop for.
Later I'll do a post for today with outfit, including the new bandolino's!

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