Thursday, November 29, 2012

School day...

Busy morning yesterday so I didn't get to post an outfit pic, it was a repeat anyway, sperrys and the elephant sweater. Took the hubby to the airport this time for a trip to Orlando, he'll be back Saturday night. I have lots of homework and projects to finish up and a lot of things on my work to do list, and it's thursday already the time keeps disappearing on me, ahhhh.

Last night I attempted to poach an egg, didn't work so well, I used a lot of salt in the water because I didn't have white vinegar and I ended up with a pot of white fluffy bubbles because the white just separated and went everywhere. I decided I was too hungry to try again and just made some over easy eggs with some pam, same nutritional value as a poached egg since there is nothing to pam and it's close enough to the same flavor I guess, just a little more fim than a properly poached egg. I think I need to invest in an egg poacher...I'm hoping to get to TJ Maxx Saturday morning sometime I need a suitcase for my Christmas vacation and maybe they'll have the poaching device I need/want, eggs are one of my favorite foods!
Today's outfit is comfy since I have school tonight, hoping to get out early for Guido's sake so he's not home alone all day and night. The lady that lives downstairs from me is so nice and likes him so much she actually said if she wasn't going on a Christmas vacation she would have watched Guido for the 2 weeks we are gone, it's a shame because she is such a nice lady, if I wasn't such a reserved person I would have asked her to watch him tonight or other nights when the hubby is out of town and I have school until 9pm.
I got my classes scheduled last night for the next semester, moving right along, really hope there are classes that I need offered this summer, that would speed the process up. I've had 2 summers now with no available classes for my major, and that is putting my expected completion date more behind. After I finally finish with this major then I'll switch to an online program to get my masters and then maybe, hopefully one day I'll have a doctorite in something, it would be fantastic to have Doctor as part of my name, hahaha, even if it's a doctor of math or accountancy, which I would prefer, I don't really like the other type of doctors, you know blood and guts and stuff, blah!

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