Thursday, December 6, 2012

Meetings and Projects Oh my....

The presentation last night went well, or at least I feel like it did. One of my group members was at a conference in Nashville and we skyped him in for the presentation, which I think made us standout a bit from the rest of the groups that were presenting. No one else had a virtual member presenting. Now we have to finish our paper and then take the final exam and that class is finished. I have one more project for my other class I'm hoping to get mostly finished tonight and then next Thursday is the final for that class and then I'll one more semester behind me. I don't mind all the school work, I quite enjoy studying and learning new things, I've always been considered a nerd for the enjoyment I get from school and taking notes and sitting through lectures.
Today we have some visitors at the office so I dressed up a bit more than normal. This is one of my favorite dresses from Express, it has this ruching on it that makes you look very slim, I added the scarf to make it a bit more casual. The boots are Steve Madden I got these last October but I have seen them still for sale and they come in black, grey, and a cognac color, I want the cognac color, haha but have to wait until January since I have my no new show contract with my husband.

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