Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend wrap up...

Typical Saturday morning, the husband goes to cars and coffee with the guys and I stay home sitting at the desk studying. Although this saturday it was about 30 degrees so it didn't take long before he came back home.

After homework we took Guido to Red Bird Hollow for some fresh air and a good run, Red Bird Hollow is in Indian Hill, it's a nice drive but the trail is mainly for horses so be prepared for that if you decide to try adventure.

After the hike we put up the Christmas tree, we started on the lights for our balconey but of course the strand was not fully working, so hopefully next weekend we make a trip out to get a new strand to put up, and a skirt for my nake tree!

After the decorating was finished we went out for a nice dinner at Mitchell's fish market, we split a bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio.

Then I had blackened mahi mahi with smashed baby reds and steamed market veggies, yum!

Then we had an easy Sunday, my husband was on TV for work, he did an interview with Fox Sports Network for the SEMA show. He did an incredible job, I'm so proud of him! And then we went to the grocery store and he made me rigatoni amatriciana, a yummy italian pasta dish with fresh tomato sauce and pancetta, it's nice being married to an Italian, I mean real Italian too, he was living in Italy until he fell for me.

Then I made frozen chocolate covered peanut butter banana somethings, haha not sure if they have a name, it was something I found on pinterest.

My husband picked up these spicy garlic peas at the grocery the other day, not even sure when he snuck them in the cart but I'm sure glad he did, these are my new favorite snack, they are delicious, it's hard to explain, they are zesty and garlicy and crunchy just plain yummy! These will be a new staple in my pantry for sure!
And for Sunday night's dinner I made a mexican chili using a Tecate beer, the recipe is from Real Simple magazine, I added half a can of corn to it though to add some sweetness to the smoky flavor of the chipotle chilis in adobo sauce.
We had cornbread with it too but that was just Krusteaz all natural corn bread in a box, nothing too fancy. I do substitute apple sauce for all oil in baking recipes and have never had a problem with things turning out delicious.
And these are the finished product for the chocolate banana things, I used 2/3 75% cacao chocolate and 1/3 milk chocolate, it was rather rich but good because I only ate 4 of them.

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