Friday, November 23, 2012

The day after

No shopping for me on black friday, I'm not going out with those crazy people for a sale on something that is going to be on sale still next weekend. I understand if you want one of those 46" TVs that is on sale for a crazy low price, but just to buy regular gifts like clothes, make-up and what not it's just not worth it. So instead I woke up this morning and made some vanilla bean scones.
 A nice breakfast, vanilla bean scone, strawberry yogurt with a little whipped cream and a nice cup of tea, while reading The Londoner blog.
Can't leave Guido out he had a nice doggy bagel for breakfast that we picked up yesterday at the Pet People, a nice pet store that just opened in our area, however I'm a little saddened because they don't do pawdicures, was hoping to get those nails trimmed Wednesday but no worries we are taking care of him today with a trip to Petsmart.
Oh one quick movie review, we watched "The Campaign" on Wednesday evening, it was very funny I totally reccomend it especially for the Will Ferrell fans. I love Will, he makes me laugh all the time, except for that Casa di mi Padre that he did that is all in spanish, maybe is I spoke spanish fluently I would have found that one funny.

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