Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend wrap up...

So Saturday was me doing homework while the hubby went to cars and coffee with the guys at Fuel coffee shop, then some shopping at Kenwood (still no jammies), and finished off the evening with a trip to Joe's Crab Shack with a few friends.

Sunday was an errand day...started with a trip to the drugstore for some necessities, then Best Buy to get the Go Pro camera for my husband's car, then a drive around to look for houses to rent, a trip to Blockbuster, and ended with a trip the Fresh Market for dinner items.
I made sausage stuffed zucchini boats, the recipe is from, however I made a few changes. The recipe on the website uses a light chicken sausage but I just can't do that so I used a mild sweet italian sausage (1lb) and I used fresh parmesan and fresh mozzarella. They turned out so yummy the zucchini were still a bit crunchy though, the recipe calls to boil the zucchini for 1 min I would go until you can insert a fork easily, unless you want them crunchy. 
 I also drained all the grease from the sausage then sauteed the red pepper, onions, garlic, and the chopped up insides of the zucchini, oh and when these are done and you add the sausage back, I mixed a little marinara in with the meat mixture.

 They turned out fantastic, these will get rotated in the dinner recipe book regularly from now on!

Then dessert time after the 2nd movie of the day. We picked up a mini fruit tart, some petit fours, and mini canollis, all very yummy, I would like to learn how to make that fruit tart!
The movies of the weekend were, The House on the Left, not bad but a little disturbing for sure, I wouldn't classify this as horror so much as drama and slightly disturbing images. Then we watched Savages, I did like this movie a lot but there were some slow parts overall it was good and I recommend watching it.
 New pair of pants from Abercrombie, they are a grey velvety texture and so soft and comfy I love these, will be wearing them a lot! I also got a navy blue sweater from hollister, I was in search of one, my whole reason for going shopping and couldn't find one in the women's section that I liked at all so I ended up buying one from the men's section in a small and it worked nicely. I also got a tribal print big button chunky sweater from H&M, and a new compact (Nars Mountain pressed powder) and a new eyeliner (clinique intense quickliner) from Sephora. Think I should be good on shopping for November next will be Italy so should save space in the closet for those buys.

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