Friday, November 16, 2012


Yay it's finally Friday! Finally got one presentation for the semester checked off! I think it went pretty well, my partner and I gave so much information that no one asked any questions afterwards, so hopefully that means we explained sell-thru revenue recognition and internal controls very well, haha I know the topic doesn't sound exciting. Not much time left in the semester and I have a few more projects to finish up, we are down to 3 weeks of classes and then it's final exam week, yikes! Sounds like my 4 day holiday weekend next week will be spent finishing things up.

Today's outfit is Hollister sweater and jeans, I love this outfit, well more I just like preppy style. I really should learn how to play golf and tennis, I think the clothing would suit me, hahaha, great reason to take up a sport, huh. Regardless I'm thinking I could use one more collared shirt, another similar fitting sweater and a grey pair of jeans, along with a new nars compact from sephora...oh yes and the flannel jammies.

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