Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

Here are some Sunday pictures...a new sweater from Forever 21 it's the cutest comfiest sweater I may have ever owned. I can't wait to make a dinner date with my mom to show her since she loves elephants.

 Guido got to eat a nice doughnut, haha his dad thought it was a real doughnut from the pictures but it's just a nice gourmet doggy treat, he really enjoyed it.
And while Guido has his doughnut I had some lowfat honey grahams with a little natural crunchy peanut butter and hot cup of tea.
This weekend has been rather chilly and haven't seen sunshine in at leat 3 days now and we still have a few more to go before it pops back out. Sunday was spent running some more errands, cleaning, and I had to take a friend to the airport. I watched a lot of movies this weekend since the weather didn't allow for outdoor time. I watched "What to Expect When Your Expecting" this was quite funny and I think it could be a good date movie because there was some male humor in there for sure. Last night I watched the "5 Year Engagement" I think this one could be a good date night movie also, it had Jason Segal (I think that was his name) he is very funny he's on "How I met your mother" there were some parts of this movie that were slow but over all very cute and funny. I also watched "Magic Mike" this one I would not reccomend letting a man in your life watch, it would probably make a man as uncomfortable as "Brokeback Mountain", just saying.

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