Sunday, February 2, 2014

Birchbox January Edition

In the month of January, Birchbox partnered with Under Armour and they sent out these awesome no split head bands, great for keeping your wild hairs under control during your workout. 
They also there in the Ruby Wing color changing nail polish, it is supposed to change color from the pink to red when it's hit with sunlight. I didn't see color change for a whole week but the pink color stayed on with minimum chipping for the whole, that's huge for me. I used to shellac, I even bought the whole system but it did take a toll on my nails. I recently when back to regular finger nail polish combined with OPI's nail envy top and base coat. Nail envy really does make the life of my polish go a little longer than other base and top coats I have used, it's pricey but for me it's worth the price, I feel naked if my nails aren't painted. 
This awesome Liz Earle face wash with the muslin cloth really did what it said it would! I used this stuff on my normal spa weekend morning when I use all the other samples and indulge a bit. The cleanser did increase the circulation to my skin, my cheeks had a nice natural rosy glow all day. P.S. I also go make-up fee on weekend spa day.
This Midnight Monarch glycerin hand cream is also fabulous, I actually ordered a tube of this for my desk at work. I have a bit of an occupational hazard, when my hands are dry I can't stand the feel of paper, it's like nails on a chalkboard for me, sends chills right down my spine. This hand cream really moisturizes well and my hands stay moist even after the next washing however I add more anyway, so you can imagine I went through this sample pretty fast.
Lastly this healing conditioner mask from Nelson J Beverly Hills, this was a decent hair mask. I have been highlighting my hair the past couple months and it took a serious toll on my hair, I love the color but there is some serious dryness. I do plan to take a break from the added highlights for awhile but I have some major repairing to do. This is an average conditioning mask, it did get the job done but I'm not investing in the full bottle just yet, I still have some Carol's daughter monoi oil mask left once that is gone I'm still not sure I will go for this one but it's in the running. I can say the smell of this was delicious, a creamy coconut fragrance that lasted all day, it is a big plus I love catching a whiff of my own sweet smelling hair throughout the day. 
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