Monday, October 28, 2013

The Graceland Garage!

So of course Elvis had an interest in cars, specifically Cadillacs, we all know the story of the pink one, if not you should brush up on your Elvis history.
Above here was Lisa Marie's car she received from her daddy for her birthday, a pretty little white Mercedes.Not a bad birthday present!
The Rolls, there were a few of these, apparently Elvis liked to be driven in style!
The Stutz Blackhawk, there were two of these in the museum but they were a few years apart so they weren't identical. The story of this car is that it was actually built for Frank Sinatra but Elvis wanted it so bad he offered more money for it.
This pretty pink jeep was actually from one of Elvis' movies, Blue Hawaii, and he enjoyed the car so much he decided to buy it and bring it home.Who wouldn't want one of these pink jeeps, I was drooling over it, granted it would be better if I lived in a warmer climate.
I don't remember the story behind this car but I love the picture that goes with it and thought it was a nice addition to this entry.
Above here are some of Elvis' toys, Lisa Marie tells a story of how her father had several go-carts and fun little cars that they often invited friends over and everyone rode around the Graceland property in these fun vehicles.
The pink caddy! This car was not actually purchased for Elvis but by him for his mother Gladys.
This was one of the limos on display, looked like it was probably a pretty comfy, luxurious ride back in the day.
The inside of the car museum is set up a bit like a drive in with movies of Elvis driving his cars are playing on a big screen. There are plenty of cars that were on display that I did not blog and there are great stories that go with each car, I didn't want to take any of the joy away that you could get by visiting Graceland yourself one day.

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