Saturday, October 26, 2013

The burial

Elvis was originally buried with his parents at a regular cemetary but there was too much of a crowd that they dug him and his family up and moved them to Graceland. This statue was built to honor the family.
Below is mamma Presley
And here is Elvis' twin brother, who knew. Apparently he was born a twin but was the baby brother was still born, this small tombstone is only in honor of the baby brother. The brother was buried in Tupelo, Mississippi where they were born. The family had gone to Tupelo to bring the body back to Graceland however they could not find the body because it was buried with an unmarked grave at the time, so they were only able to place a small tombstone in his memory.
Here lies pappa Presley

Elvis' grave is decorated daily with flowers and gifts that received every day by the keepers of the property.
And here lies Grandma Presley

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