Monday, August 5, 2013

Warm corn salad

If you follow me on instagram, a few nights ago you may have seen a picture of my warm corn salad I whipped up for dinner along side some grilled chicken. I had some produce to use up and thought this combo would work, and it was delicious!
I used:
-2 ears of corn and cut off all the kernels
- About 1/3 of an onion diced
- 1/3 of a green pepper diced
-1 large clove of garlic
- 1 wedge of lemon (lime would have been better but I only had lemons)
-2 roma tomatoes sliced
-hot sauce
-olive oil
-unsalted butter
First heat some olive oil and a pat of butter in a skillet, add diced onion and clove of garlic and let it all sweat it out. Remove the clove of garlic and add the diced green pepper and continue to sweat those veggies.
Add the corn and give it all a good stir, if you skillet starts to get a bit dry add another pat of butter. Add a healthy dash of hot sauce for a kick, some lemon juice (1 wedge was enough for me) and some salt, give it all a good stir and cover and let it cook a bit. Slice some roma tomatoes, rinse them, and let them dry a bit on a couple paper towels. Lay the sliced tomatoes on top of the corn mixture and give a liberal sprinkle of salt, cover and let it simmer on low until the tomatoes are soft, all the flavors have been incorporated, and the corn has plumped and well basically just cook this dish until it tastes done and ready to eat. It is all veggies so you can taste test periodically as you are cooking.
If my jalapeno plant had peppers ready I would have tossed one of those diced up in with the corn salad and cut back on the hot sauce, also some cilantro would be a good addition to this dish. I diced up some avocado and served it along side some simple grilled chicken. The meal was so good, I actually could have eaten just the big pile of veggies and been happy that's how good this combination turned out.
If you have any questions about this recipe feel free to ask in the comments. Hope you enjoy it as much as me!

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