Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Drag Strip!

Sorry I know I promised more vacation posts and I have at least one if not 2 more of those to post, I currently have some guests from Italy staying with me and I am spending my non-working hours with them and entertaining them and not so much in front of the computer putting together posts. I do have this quick little post about last evening at the drag strip, Edgewater Race Park! This is truly a great American pastime, I am not sure if you can find the variety of cars and trucks that we have racing each other and doing burn out competitions in any other corner of the world.
This was actually my first trip to Edgewater, it has been around for years and years I just never made the venture to check it out. It is a bit what we call hillbilly, most of the audience is wearing cowboy boots and chewing tobacco but that is part of the entertainment if you ask me. 
 Above, this is where the cars that are going to race on the strip line up. My husband has been here a few times now and he was rather disappointed in the crowd, especially since we were trying to impress our Italian guests. Although the crowd was smaller than usual and there not too many cars racing there was still enough to entertain us and our guests.
 There are all kinds of cars that run the drag strip, I was quite shocked when I saw this red Chrysler pull up, it does not look like it belongs at all, which it did not that green monster took him out rather quickly.
 The drag race is a done by having each car run the strip to find their time and then they are placed in categories based on their time so that they race other cars of equal power and speed, you want it to be a fair fight or its not as entertaining.

They also have a category for diesel trucks, these big, black smoke blowing, monsters our loud and fast. You may be surprised to see trucks race on a drag strip but here its a normal part of the entertainment!
 The white one with the dark black grill, dark windows, and dark wheels...she's a beauty isn't she?
 The hubs did not run his car last night, he doesn't want to abuse her yet since she's only 1 year old, actually she just celebrated her birthday on July 30th.

 This big cloud of smoke is the burnout competition, if you have never seen it I'll warn you now the smell of melting tires can burn the nose a bit, I wouldn't recommend making it a regular activity.

 This truck was beautiful, the lights glowing through the smoke was fantastic, the pictures do not do it justice.
 There was a tie between this guy and big jeep Cherokee, there were only 3 vehicles that participated in the burnout competition, because it can be a costly competition. Typically after competing one time you need end up needing two new tires, also this poor fellow in his lovely big truck not only burned through both tires he also managed to catch his engine on fire and will have some costly repairs, but we all thank him for thoroughly entertaining all of us.

 This red BMW is actually a friend of my husband, he runs the strip in 11 seconds, at least I think that was his time, his car is fantastic and it's only one of his cars. Hubs meets up with him at Cars and Coffee on Saturdays at the Fuel Coffee shop. If your in the Cincinnati area and looking for a great cup of coffee, biscuits in gravy that are to die for, and delicious pastries, along with some fantastic cars and incredible company visit Fuel Coffee Shop
Here is also the link to find information about Wednesday night lights at Edgewater. Just in case you are in the area and are looking to hear some loud cars and hang out with the local hillbillies.

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