Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend wrap up

This was a very inactive weekend, no posting and not much instagramming either. My mother and sister in law are arriving Thursday all the way from Italy to spend a short week with me and the hubs here in good ol' USA. I'm so excited to have them here and show them around, I got a nice tour of their place in December and now its my turn to host them. This weekend was spent prepping the guest rooms and cleaning the house and grocery shopping to make sure I have some foods that they will enjoy and some American treats that hubs and I think they need to try. 
Painted my toes blue to get festive for the upcoming 4th of July weekend, although I do not have any major plans, I"m not huge on holidays. Holidays for me tend to be stressful, so I like more of having grill outs and get-togethers with friends on non-holidays. Take 4th of July for example, there will be fireworks everywhere so much that you can stand in your yard and see a nice display, so I see no reason to pack up the car and sit in traffic trying to go see a major fireworks display or to sit in traffic trying to make a trip out of town somewhere. All camping locations are overly crowded on holiday weekends, parking is a nightmare, it's just not worth it for me, so you won't be seeing any big 4th of July post here.
 Guido relaxed on the deck in the sun as usual, this is his favorite spot to bake in the sun.
 It was a rainy weekend, it's been a wet week for that matter. It was just about impossible to plan anything outside, no pool time with the bestie, so sad. Since the weather didn't permit any outdoor fun the hubs and I decided to have a movie date, we were torn between World War Z and Man of Steel. We chose World War Z because hubs was in the mood for zombies instead of super heroes, a rare occasion indeed. WWZ was overall a good movie, we were both hoping for a bit more action, or should I say blood and violence, these zombies don't eat you like in the Walking Dead, it's more virus taking over the world, kind of like Outbreak. Brad Pitt relies more on his brain than his brawn and I wanted him to rely on both. I am not saying it's a bad movie by any means, I was fully captivated by the intensity but I'm an action girl, I know I should have seen Man of Steel probably for the action, will do eventually.
 The only personal shopping I did this weekend that wasn't for my guest rooms, cleaning stuff, or groceries was a quick stop to TJ Maxx. Those that don't have TJ Maxx, it is a closeout/overstock kind of store, when designers have too much of something or want to stop a certain line they have they sell it to stores like TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I love these stores, you can score great designer merchandise at incredible bargains. Take these sunnies for example, on the top is the pair I scored this weekend, these are Kenneth Cole Reaction aviators, they were $9.99! On the bottom is a pair almost identical to the new ones, I purchased these a few years ago (again Kenneth Cole brand), I lost one of the nose pieces about 2 years ago but I love these aviators so much that I couldn't get rid of them, I have been holding on to them and keep telling myself I'll fix the nose piece. Well this weekend when I saw the almost identical pair I was super excited, I'm hoping the nose pieces can be switched from the new ones to the old ones, I still prefer the old ones over the new ones even though the differences are extremely small and unnoticeable to most. If it doesn't work out then I'll toss out the old and keep the new but they look like the switch should work! I'm so excited to have aviators again, I love them but I have a smaller than average size head so finding sunglasses and hats for that matter that fit me is a difficult feat, that is the reason why I have been keeping broken sunglasses around for 2 years waiting to fix them, because I was too afraid that I would never find a pair that fit quite as well.
Hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. I would love to have those sunglasses !! ♥

    1. I can't get enough of aviators such a classic style that goes with every outfit!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. sounds like you had a great weekend! such a cute dog btw:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

    1. Aw thank you he's a spoiled little guy, a lab and beagle mix.
      Thanks for reading