Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm back...

Well we survived the wilderness and it was fantastic! A week away from civilization and technology, it was a much needed break. We had some great adventures at the cabin which I plan to share and I worked hard on Sunday getting all the pictures organized and ready with my husband's Macbook and then I thought I saved them to a flash drive so I could upload them and make posts while he is out of town from my regular PC, apparently the Macbook does not like me very much because all of the pictures I saved to the flash drive will not open. Hubs will be back on Friday so I will work on vacation posts of the Michigan Upper Peninsula as soon as he gets back with the Mac.
In the mean time here is something new I've started this week, http://www.toneitup.com/

I noticed while on vacation that running on the elliptical and doing yoga have not been enough to prepare my body to do things such as mountain biking, hiking, and paddling a canoe. My normal exercise routine is Monday-Friday, every morning from 5:45 to 6:20 I run on the elliptical or I do a yoga or pilates video, I thought I was in okay shape but I was very wrong. It did not help that I ate a lot of junk food on vacation and that made my body feel very lazy, there were times I did not want to move from the cabin to go on any adventures because I had stuffed myself full of potato chips and other cookies. I decided I need to step up my game and concentrate more on strength and toning with some cardio, I know that stretching and flexibility is also important so I will keep the yoga in the routine and maybe just do it twice a week and the other days concentrate on strength and try to fit some cardio in every day.
Back to http://www.toneitup.com/, these two girls, Karena and Katrina, of Tone It Up! make these great little YouTube videos with exercises you can do anywhere you can access YouTube and they also have a great blog full of healthy recipes and ideas. These girls have been featured in Self Magazines fitness programs as trainers and nutritionists so I assume they have their degrees or Self wouldn't be choosing them to design diet and exercise programs.
Most of their videos are short anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, to make it work for me I do the elliptical first to get my heart pumping and then pick a video for the day. Yesterday morning I did the arms video and today I did their bridal workout video, and I'm feeling both of them. 
Karena and Katrina are great, they come off a bit blonde, happy, Cali girl...but they also nice and motivating. Don't judge them for being happy skinny blonde girls take a look at how they got those bodies and how they keep themselves healthy not just skinny. The videos are free on YouTube but they also have a site with a program that you must pay for, I do not know much about this one yet but you find the website here, http://www.toneitupplan.com/

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