Monday, May 13, 2013


New Sunglasses from Coach, they arrived in the mail on Friday. These are actually named after me, the design is called Casey, so how could I have not ordered them, haha! I love them too, they are cool and different, the blue color on the font and behind the frames it's bright red, making the purple hue at the bottom of the frames. 

My birchbox also arrived Friday, it was a bit of a mess, they sent a sample of the new water resisstent Cargo blush that had broken inside the box and gotten all over.

After wiping everything down and tossing out the blush here are the items that I received . The Miss Jessie Jelly Soft Curls, if you have curly or wavy hair and have not tried Miss Jessie's products you are missing out. I prefer this product over the pillow soft curls, they both smell divine but the pillow soft curls smells like snuggle fabric softener, it's pretty incredible. I got a Coola spf, I actually prefer not to use anything higher than a spf 15 so this little sample is going into the collection box to be given away in a gift basket. Marvis toothpaste, this is a classic! An the new pilot gel pen, I am a true nerd, I love shopping for new school supplies, this pen got me totally excited. The gel is so smooth and doesn't smear at all, it doesn't even look like a gel, just writes smooth like a gel. I received a coupon for $1 off a pack of these new Pilot pens, guess I'll be hunting them down for the next school season, in August.

Friday night we went to Schwabenfest, a German beer festival, with a group of friends. It turned out to be an awesome night despite the wet weather, which may have made it even more fun since there weren't any lines for beer or restrooms. 
Not having a line for beer at the festival means I woke up the next morning like this! We had multiple liters of draft Paulaner, the consensus is we had 3 liters each, but I can't remember, plus there were pre-drinks at the friends house before we all headed to the festival. Saturday was needless to say, a rough day that involved a lot of couch time. Only time I left the couch was to get food, which on hangover days includes at least one burger. Sorry I didn't post a picture of that, I was too ravenous to share it, I had a giant cheeseburger from 5 guys and some cajun fries, one of the best hangover meals that was ever created.

Dinner was a trip to O'Charley's for carryout. I had the southern fried chicken salad...

and we split this yummy order of nachos, again great hangover food. Not everyone thinks of  salad as hangover food but it after the greasy burger and salty fries, the lettuce is full of liquid so it helps with the rehydrating process. 

And this is how I spent Mother's day, shopping for me with the hubs! I didn't see my mom because hubs goes out of town for the next 2 weekends and mom and I will get plenty of time together then but the main reason we put off the celebration was to avoid the crowds, we didn't want to go for pedicures and have to wait in a long line of women only to be rushed thru the process. I had 2 things on my list for our shopping trip, I wanted the new Estee Lauder bronze goddess heat wave highlighter bronzer thing they came out with and new earrings. 

I found the bronzer after going to 2 stores, the first was sold out! I saw this bronzer highlighter on Rosie instagram and had to have it. So glad she introduced us because this is the most flattering high lighter ever!

I spent a good amount of time trying to pick out earrings. I wanted sterling silver at least and a somehting a bit funky and different. I found these awesome little eyes, and the turquoise is perfect for me because blue is my favorite color. These were great, they were from Macy's as well as the bronzer. 
Hubs is going to Italy this week and seeing his new niece that was born just a few weeks ago,  we wanted to get a cool present. It's hard to find things that are made in the USA so we have pretty much given up on that, we usually get the kids something with a hometown sports theme but this time it was for a little girl. We went with pink air jordan's you can't get any cooler than that! Can't wait to see pictures of baby Sofia in her pink kicks!

And last but not least, I got the Fifth final season of Gossip Girl, I know it's been over for awhile now but I have never finished the final season. I was obsessed with the show for several years watching every episode then I got a little too busy and so far behind that I couldn't watch the DVR episodes before they expired. This will be my entertainment for the next 2 weeks. Can't wait to get closure on the GG front, I have felt like something was missing in my life, haha.

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