Friday, May 3, 2013


New scarf from mom, big flares, and my old nine west wedges. Even though I replaced these wedges I still can't part with them, they are just too perfect, a little scuffed and worn but that makes them even more comfy to wear.

Finally Friday! After a long, hard week, I'm ready for a weekend break. This weekend is Derby weekend, I am not good at gambling, I of course love winning but when I loose money I think of the way I could have better spent it on something that would last longer than a few minutes, so I can't bring myself to place bets. I like to watch the horses race, but do not think it will be in my plans to make it to the track. I do have a dinner with friends planned for Saturday, down on the river, and if all goes according to plan, a showing of the new Iron Man movie on Sunday! Have been waiting a long time for the new Iron Man and last weekend there was a Superhero marathon on TV so I just re-watched the other 2 Iron Man movies and I am ready!

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