Tuesday, April 16, 2013

weekend wrap-up

It's officially spring around these parts, which means it was time for house and yard work, yuck! But first we made a trip to the pet shelter and played with some new baby kittens, some playful cats, and took a couple dogs for walks on the trails.

New little baby kitties!

My food bowl is bigger than me!

Play time!

Trail walking with the hubs and Kyan, who is very playful  and smart if you would like to give him a home contact the League for Animal Welfare in Batavia, OH

Here is where the fun begins...we had a big trip to Lowe's to get things for the yard, we needed a table and chair set for our deck along with the umbrella and stand. We also needed mulch, which we will have to go back and get a couple more bags as we greatly underestimated the size of the flower beds. The red hanging basket is my new strawberry plant! I'm so excited even if I only get one strawberry I'm betting it will be the best strawberry ever!

Time to put the table together, Guido likes to help build things.

And the finished product, isn't she a beauty! I'm very happy with this setup, the price was fantastic, I was quite shocked at the deal.
Can't wait to enjoy lots of dinners on my new deck furniture!

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