Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Pat's Day!

Went out Saturday night to enjoy some St. Pat's festivities. Attempted to go downtown for dinner before hitting Whiskey Bar on the outskirts of town to see a friend's band play, however downtown was incredibly packed, which is a good thing. I was glad to see all the businesses having so much activity but sad to find out every restaurant had an hour and a half wait. So we got back in the car drove from the middle of downtown to the outskirts and stumbled in Whiskey Bar to start the evening early. Luckily they had some decent bar food, nothing special, just had a pepperoni pizza and some jalepeno poppers, along with a couple Captain Morgan's mixed with Diet Soda, yum!

Me with the lead singer of Friend's band "Second Chance at Eden"

Band playing early in the evening

Guido ready for the St. Pat's festivities
Other than Saturday night out, I spent my weekend writing a paper and cleaning, Spring Break is over and it's back to school work :-(

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