Monday, February 11, 2013

Birchbox delivery!

So maybe I have more fun just getting the box in the mail once a month than with what actually comes in the box. I love getting mail, I subscribe to tons of magazines and the ipad edition won't do, I want the actual magazine delivered in my mailbox to go thru page by glistening page.
So here is my birchbox review so far...
Tweek: cream hairspray, so it says... don't love the stuff however I've only tried it once so far. It seemed to frizz my hair up a bit instead of doing what hairspray does and offer hold.
Couture La La: perfume by Juicy Couture...this is the first Juicy scent I actually like. Most Juicy scents are a bit to strong and flowery for me but this one was fresh smelling.
Ghiradelli chocolate: the caramel filled one to be exact, my fave can't go wrong here.
My Multi-purpose mattifying moisturizer: I gave this one to a friend because I am picky about my face and I have recently found some things that seem to work pretty well for me. I use Roc sensitive skin retinol moisturizer in the evening and during the day I scrub with neutragena grapefruit cleanser and use Garnier BB Cream.
Lash Fusion XL: Well I think I would really like this mascara because I loved the lipfusion gloss that puffs up your lips. One problem getting mascara delivered when it's freezing outside tends to mess up the composure of the mascara, thought warming it would bring it back but it's still a thick goopy mess. What I did get to work I did really like.

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