Monday, January 21, 2013

Chicken Teriyaki Kabob Dinner

Okay I was inspired by a special K recipe but with my own twists
Here we have thawed chicken cut into about 1 inch chunks, toss those in a plastic bag with some teriyaki marinade and red pepper flakes, depending how spicy you like it, I like it pretty zesty. Let marinade at least 30 mins or however long you wish.

Soak some bamboo skewers and thread the chicken chunks on. Toss them babies on the grill for about 10 mins turning as needed. You can warm some leftover marinade with some pepper flakes to brush while it cooks I didn't end up brushing any on because they seemed saucey enough, but next time I think I will add a bit more sauce throughout the cooking process.

Chopped up a green onion to add to my white rice made in chicken broth, could have zested up the rice a bit more, next time for sure.

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