Friday, November 9, 2012

Yay Friday!!!

No post yesterday, sorry about that, it's been a crazy week. I had my project due last night for school so yesterday the outfit was just a sweatshirt and jeans, went really comfy since I had to present my project. I stayed at school until 9:00 and we actually ran out of time for me and my partner to present the project, so all that freaking out and I now have another whole week to work on it, go figure.
I feel so tired today, it's been a trying week, I've seen lots of numbers between work and homework and need to give my brain a brake, sad thing is I don't get to do that this weekend because I have homework due Sunday night, at least that one doesn't deal with numbers.
I'm excited for tonight, we are having dinner at a friends house and taking Guido too. My friend has 3 dogs, which are Guido's best friends, one is actually more of his girlfriend. Can't wait to have a nice dinner and some drinks with friends while watching the dogs play. It's going to be a cold night so we will build a nice fire outside and relax.

Today's outfit was a tank I got in Marco Island little more than 2 years ago, I love this tank the fit is awesome, wish I would have bought 2 of them in different colors.
I've been going strong on the elliptical now it's been 4 whole weeks and my muscles are still tight so changing the tension every week does keep challenging my body. I have noticed some changes in my body but not the scale, which can be upsetting but I feel good and that's the important thing. I'm waking up everyday to run on that machine for 30 minutes, 4 weeks of dedication, I have to say I'm pretty dang proud of myself.

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