Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Wow! This morning I woke up to a nice cold snow rain mix, does this mean winter is finally here???
Had to get out the warm boots this morning, these boots are from Sporto, I ordered them last year from zappos.com. They are very nice, waterproof, synthetic wool lining, and good traction on the soles.

A nice coworker brought in doughnuts for everyone this morning, this was my pick of the box.
I had my morning elliptical workout as usual, and I am still loving it and we are on week 3 of using it.
Tomorrow is Halloween, I don't have any special plans except to hopefully put Guido in his Halloween sweatshirt and take him for a walk. Can't wait for my hubby to be back this weekend, I already planned our Saturday night together, it's going to include a very scary movie so we can cuddle up close after 2 weeks of being apart. I think after work I will have to make another quick trip to the grocery store, since it's Halloween I want to bake some goodies to bring in to the office and share. I also want to make a nice wintery soup but that may wait until tomorrow. I also want to make something yummy for my hubby's return this weekend, maybe a roast hmmm.
I also have a big test coming up on Thursday so tonight and tomorrow night will be filled with studying. I don't think it was very nice of my professor to plan a big test the day after Halloween but sometimes the schedule for the semester just doesn't work out for the best.

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