Friday, October 26, 2012

Finally Friday!!!!

Yay almost weekend just have to make it through one last day of work. This morning it's a bit chilly but I still went with my nine west wedges, this may be the last time they get worn before they go into retirement :-(, one because it's probably not going to be warm enough for open toed shoes for awhile and two because they are falling apart. I actually have already superglued them once, and it's held up surprisingly well. If you look close you can see Guido behind me, he is turning 1 tomorrow, my little fur baby is growing up. Sadly the weather is sounding like wet and cold so not sure we are going to get any out door playtime in. But I do have plans to get him a nice birthday treat. 

Breakfast this morning was a piece of reduced fat banana chocolate chip cake and a grande non fat chai tea latte, I was craving starbucks after this morning's elliptical workout. Mmmmm chai tea, I need to figure out a cheap way to steam my milk and get it frothy like starbucks!
Other news, I've had sleeping issues all week, one reason my husband is out of town and the bed is not the same without him and the other is the elliptical. I have used that machine 11 out of the past 12 days and you would think my muscles would start to adjust but apparently not. My hamstrings are super tight and when I'm sleeping I just can't seem to get comfortable. My traps and triceps are tight also but don't seem to bother me when I lay in bed just my hamstrings. Hopefully it mellows out a bit although Monday I will be kicking the tension up to level 3. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining about the pain from the sore tight muscles because that's the sign that I'm actually working those muscles and they are growing stronger just wish it wasn't affecting my sleep quite as much. Hmmm maybe need to add some short little yoga sessions like a PM relaxing meditation or something before bed to release a bit of the tension in them.

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