Thursday, May 15, 2014

Birthday celebration

It's only been a month since my birthday and I just now saw that this was still a draft and never posted. So here you go...
I'll start by saying I'm not a party person, I think of myself a fairly reserved, so for my big 3-0 birthday I had a nice evening with two of the most important people in my life and the most important fur baby in my life, ha.
Enjoying one of my favorite beverages
Sitting around this gorgeous fire pit, I got a steal on it at Garden Ridge, the pit and stand together $40! It may have been on sale because of the painting but I find that makes it more unique, the butterflies are a nice touch in my opinion.

The next day the hubs took me shopping and out to lunch at one of my favorite places, Cheesecake Factory. If you have never been be prepared to spend some time reading the menu, they have everything you could imagine. This salads is one of my usuals that I order, it's the mexican salad on the skinnylicous menu.
Did more shopping that I needed to, but hey, it was my big 3-0 birthday afterall.
The big present ware these fab oakleys! I had a great pair that I loved and was hoping they still made them but apparently not and this is what I went with, and they are pretty darn great. These are going to get a lot of wear this summer that's for sure! These were to replace the old faves that some animal, that shall remain nameless, decided when no one was around to take them off the dining table and tear them to bits with his teeth, ahem... Guido Bianchi!
All and all I had a pretty fabulous birthday to the Casey standards, all thanks to two beautiful people, my husband and my bestie!

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