Monday, October 28, 2013

Memphis zoo

Okay so I'm not a huge fan of zoos, especially having a husband raised by a vet. My husband doesn't like to see animals taken from their natural habitats, locked in cages, and put on display for young children that like to throw things at them and scream at them. I have to admit seeing a lot of those animals makes me feel a little sad inside, I do know that for some of them this is the best place for them because their natural habitats have been ruined or because they have become endangered species. Zoos are for protecting animals, they need to make money to do this so you have to put the animals to work, like making them parade around a caged area for people to see. There are two sides, I think it's when I see the young children screaming and shouting trying to get a tiger to look at them that really makes me the most upset. No one wants to sit in a cage and have nasty little children throwing things at you, hitting your cage, and screaming for you attention. Please if you take young ones to a zoo, mind them, make sure they respect the animals.
That being said welcome to the Memphis zoo, one of only four zoos in the United States that has Panda bears! That was our whole reason for stopping at the zoo, we had to see the pandas, the opportunity doesn't come along often.
This little guy strutting his stuff above, is a red panda, looks more like a racoon but still cute.
Above here are the meercats, these little guys have such fun faces, they look right at you and it makes you think they know exactly what's going on.
And finally the main event, the panda bears! The Memphis zoo had two big black and white babies on display for the world to see. We happened to come by just in time for breakfast, these big babies love them some bamboo in the morning!
I felt the need to relive my child hood I noticed a sign for $5 camel rides, how could I pass that up!
I am quite the big kid at heart, I have plans to never ever grow up, I guess maybe I should be working on finding never never land, ha!
Oh and Buddha's are one of my favorite statues, I honestly don't know terribly much about the religion/belief but I do know that these little guys are so cute all chubby and smiling! You just have to give them a hug and a rub of the belly for luck!

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