Sunday, August 4, 2013

Some adventures around the cabin

More about our vacation...I know I mentioned the cabin we rented was nestled in 80 acres of wilderness, so here are a few pictures of our adventures on the surrounding property.
 The hubs and Guido ventured in to the stream, after seeing them tense up from the temperature I decided it was best to stay on dry land. The water was running very fast all week which means it was icy cold!
 Here's Guido on one of the trails on the property leading to where the canoes are tied up on calm open pools of water that you can use for fishing.
 I loved this tree, it was shaped like a wishbone! I had to pose, how could you not!
 This is one of the calm pools where you can untie the canoe and pull it in the water and set off paddling towards the river. The fishing was ok, the problem was all the fish were too small to keep :-( but it was still fun catching them, well more fun for my husband than me, haha.

 There were three canoes located on the property, one metal and the other two were a lighter weight material, possibly kevlar. The lighter canoes were the ones we chose to use, they were also a bit more comfortable than the metal one.
 The water was beautiful, it was rather inviting however these streams and pools are connected to rivers. Rivers tend to be homes to snakes and leaches and that is just what was living in there. I do not believe the snakes were poisonous however I don't care to take the chance. I enjoy a good lake swim but after seeing a few snakes pop their heads out and dart quickly across the water and seeing leaches stuck to the bottom of our canoe when we pulled it out of the water we decided it was best to not go for a swim. We did take a day trip to a near by town that had some beautiful sandy beaches, more on that later.
 The view of the cabin from up stream, the amount of water on this property was just incredible. The water and the forestry, the forest was so dense you could not see very far, luckily the trails on the property are marked fairly well, some of them do not get used much and the trails are a bit grown over with grass, shrubs, and such but the markers on the trees make it easy to get where you wanna go.

 The water was icy cold as I mentioned before but it was beautiful!

 Guido took a few swims in the water, I guess when you have a fur coat the cold water doesn't bother you so much.
 Some pictures of the flowers and greenery on the property...being surrounded by so much nature for a whole week was so relaxing. No technology to interrupt you when you are enjoying all this beauty, it was great to cut ourselves off from the fast paced world, no watches or clocks necessary, waking and sleeping whenever we pleased, eating meals when you are hungry not because it's breakfast or you have to take a lunch break. It was a great escape!

Don't worry there are more pictures and adventures to post soon!

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