Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday shopping

This Saturday was a beautiful day, I made a trip to Crestview Towne Center with my mom and a friend, we did some shopping and got some lunch.
First trip I made was Victoria Secret, they had the panty sale going on, 7 for $26 instead of the normal 5 for $25. I also got another pair of skinny yoga pants, I do a decent amount of yoga, I wouldn't say I do a ton of it, but I'm trying to increase the amount, I actually do wear yoga pants for yoga and not just to sit on the couch. I have been in love with yoga and pilates for at least 12 years now, hard to believe that they have been around that long actually. It doesn't matter the time of day or the mood you are in there is always a quick 10 minute yoga routine that fits what you are feeling, whether you want to sweat or relax. Sometimes I want a good 30-40 minute yoga practice that moves quickly and really works you and other times I feel a bit stressed and don't have much time so I take 20 minutes and stretch all my muscles out, it feels like a massage.

Also you can see in the picture I made a stop at DSW (Designer Show Warehouse), I got a pair of black slipper flats, whatever you call them, but I finally am joining the craze. Then I got a pair of gorgeous, fantastic, riding boots, these are from Steve Madden, the flats I think are Me & Too. The boots were half off since it's end of the season, I needed to replace my old Steve Madden boots too, they've been around for a couple of rough winters. I lucked out too, my birthday is in 2 weeks, so mom bought the boots for my birthday!

Next came a trip to Sephora, I went in for that little bottle of brush cleaner in the picture and came out with all these little goodies. I bought the cleaner, the They're Real travel size Benefit masacara, and the little bottle of Falling in Love by Philosophy. I love, Falling in Love, it's a scent I used to wear when I was younger, they had this little bottle for $15 and I still love this scent, it's a bit fruity and creamy, I think it's going to be nice for summer. By the way, you probably notice I get small, travel sized products most of the time, that is because I am a woman, I change products a lot and I know from experience and friends that it's very easy to end up with a whole closet of products, that you didn't love, but can't bring yourself to throw out because you spent so much money on them. In the picture above you will notice there is a little box from Benefit, well for my birthday and because I'm a Sephora Beauty Insider, I got this little box with another They're Real mascara and a little What's up highlighter. So here's the reveiw: They're Real mascara, I don't think I'm going to ever buy another mascara, this one is awesome, my husband could even tell the difference. It gives you so much lenght and separation.The brush cleaner, not sure if'it's working yet, we'll see, it's just an antibacterial spray you can spritz on whenever, I'm hoping to cut down on acne with cleaning the bacteria from my brushes.

What lucky girls, mom, myself, and my friend, it was hair day at Sephora, so they tried some prodcuts on you and loaded you up with samples. Mom and my friend got their roots touched up with a quick root blending/hiding spray they they loved, but I don't remember anything except it was in a turquoise spray bottle. I let them put a greenish blue streak in my hair with some of that hair chalk stuff, and almost bought it cause it looked pretty cool but glad I didn't because within 2 hours the color was almost completely gone, and probably on my hands and clothes. I will tell you out of these samples so far I have used the carol's daughter Monoi oil mask, loved it, the smell was incredible! I have also tried the Couture colour pequi oil and it's also fantastic. I am keeping a list of the one's I may want to buy a bit more of.
It was a great Satuday, spent shopping in the outdoor mall of Crestview Town Center, lot's of walking, I think we spent about about 7 hours out and about total, but that includes my lunch at first watch and a trip to Target which was nothing exciting, just cleaning and household products. Hope the weekend was nice for everyone!

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