Friday, March 22, 2013

At home shellac!

Okay finally some pictures of my shellac system, I purchased the orly starter kit and mini LED light on amazon, the starter kit was $75 and the light was around $30, I think the price of the starter kit may have went up. The starter kit is a good one, it does come with full size bottles of the products and an intructional sheet and DVD. I love the Orly kit, I haven't seen it at any salons around here but my sister in law uses this system at the spa she works at in Italy. The gel polishes are infused with vitamins that are good for your nails, which is great for me because I am one of those that can't wait to remove the polish and picks it all off. I did pick up a new bottle of polish last night at the local drugstore, I was going to get some little crystals to stick on my nails but decided to go with this silver gel polish instead, by KISS nails, it was $11. My polish doesn't quite make it the full 2 weeks like it did when I got it done at the salon, I've been getting about 10-12 days out of it, probably would last the full 2 weeks if I didn't pic it off when it started lifting making my nails kind of weak. The gel does make them stronger, thank goodness, it's like protection for my brittle nails. I've always been a nail polish addict, so my nails have been weak for as long as I can remember.

Here is the system, above the polishes, the primer, basecoat, topcoat, colors, cutilcle oil, and nail cleanser. Below the LED light and the lint free wipes, these wipes are actually important, I tried using regular cotton squares from the drug store and ended up with fuzz in my polish.
Finished product below, I went with a very pale pink shade and the silver glittery shade on 2 nails for a pretty accent. I'm very pleased with the turnout, and will be adding the silver glittery polish more often on a few nails to keep the mani from being too boring.

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