Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday!

Mardi Gras was this past weekend, I didn't do anything to celebrate. I did some shopping got some more things for the new house on Saturday and Sunday I spent cleaning and studying. Oh and watching the Grammys which I think were the best in awhile. They really put on a great show. I think Alicia and Maroon 5 were awesome and the Bob Marley tribute, WOW! The Black Keys finally getting recognition and Mumford and Sons, oh the performance by the Lumineers. It's like music is getting back to it's roots, less techno computerized stuff and more instruments and real voices. Anyway back to Fat Tuesday, I stopped to get a king cake this morning at 7:20 and the bakery was already sold out so I had a choice of some mardi gras colored cupcakes or this cookie cake. I chose the cookie cake because most the cupcakes had icing dripping off the sides, like they didn't cool properly before they were iced. I had a little chunk of the cookie with a mocha latte from starbucks for my breakfast. Happy fat Tuesday!!!!

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