Thursday, January 31, 2013


This weekend I attempted my husband's mom's lasagna, I can't give you the exact recipe we'll say it's different from the typical lasagna in the US. It was no easy task to make and this weekend I will be attempting again with some finer quality parmesan, I think that would have made it better. My husband loved it after a cold weekend in Michigan where he spent all day outside in negative temps to watch a snow drift rally (car thing). He said it tasted like home. You can find a similar recipe to make by googling besciamella lasagna. Besciamella is what the french call bechamel, it's a basic white sauce, Martha Stewart can teach you how to make a good one. For the meat sauce, it's a ragu that takes over 3 hours to make and that is what makes it so special so when googling a recipe look for a real hearty italian one that takes all day to make. My mother-in-law makes large batches of her ragu and freezes them so it's much easier to prepare. I have a few other things she made me I want to try and make, it is difficult in the US because we don't have all the same ingredients. I do have a store called Jungle Jim's not far from where I live that carries imported items from around the world, I'll be making a trip there Saturday to see if I can find the proper pasta to make the lasagna for a dinner I'm having Saturday evening.

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