Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Virus :-(

Ok the pictures are out of order but I'm using my husband's macbook and I can't figure out how to move them.

So Monday I woke up with a cough and it kept progressing, yesterday I went to the doc and turns out I have a virus and the ones going around right now are antibiotic resistant, she went ahead and gave me antibiotics in case it progresses to a bacterial infection of some sorts and I'm going out of town in less than 10 days! So here is my night stand of virus soothing products, allegra-D for the pressure in my ears and nasal drip, cough drops and chloraseptic spray to sooth the 300 degree pain in my throat. Advil for the pain and fever, by the way I have had a fever of 101 for 2 days.

Yesterday's outfit, wearing the sketcher +3 again, love these shoes but not sure if I'm loving my jeans with them, I feel none of my jeans are skinny enough, I need a super skinny pair that fit like leggings.

This was Monday's dinner, grilled chicken and salad, still on the BFD (Bianchi Fast Diet, my husband's diet). I have lost 3 lbs so far, 5 more to go and I will weigh what I did when we met 2 years ago. However I have that Christmas trip to Italy coming up so I'm hoping I can drop 7 more lbs in the next 9 days. I have done no carb diets before and they work well for my body type, just need to add my workouts back to it but since I've been sick for the past 3 days I haven't used the elliptical, I was tempted this morning then found out my fever was still hanging around.

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