Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

This weekend wasn't too eventful, I was still fighting off my cold/flu. I did sign for my new house Saturday, just leasing for the time being but can't wait to move in January! Sunday had to pick up a few more Christmas presents and take Guido for a nail trimming.

Here is Guido wearing an old sweatshirt of mine, it's too cute not to share.

Saturday night my hubby took me out for dinner to Flippdaddy's burgers and beers, it was delicious. I went with the French connection burger and he had the El Paso and we split an order of flippdaddy chips (saratoga chips with bbq sauce, cheddar, and bacon) this was our splurge meal of the week to say the least.

Dinner last night was prepared by the both of us, I did the sauteed green beans, fresh garlic, a shallot, and olive oil, while the hubs grilled up the chicken with some olive oil and rosemary, yummy!
Movies this weekend, one was an old classic, Dazed and Confused, had to rent it because my husband never saw it and it has a bit of history to it, he ended up liking it quite a bit. Next was MIB 3, turned out to be pretty good, of course not as good as the first but a good trilogy to say the least.

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