Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Soft pink...

My favorite cardigan, I've had this thing for probably 13 years, it's from Express (one of my top ten places to shop). It's going to be a warm wet day in Cincinnati, we are looking at a high in the upper 70's and chances of showers all day long. Didn't do anything too fun last night, just the dog walk and homework. I had a left over blueberry waffle for dinner, still quite yummy when heated under the broiler.
This morning I had my typical run on the elliptical and bowl of cereal for breakfast. I'm a huge cereal fan, well a fan of breakfast foods in general, I could eat them all day long. Some disagree with eating breakfast for every meal of the day but breakfast foods like cereal tend have calcium, vitamins, and whole grains so I don't see anything wrong with it and when your cooking for one breakfast is easy to prepare.

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