Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday, almost weekend!!

Today is a bit rainy and windy so went with another comfy outfit. Also, again today it's work thenschool, another 13+ hour day requires comfort. These are some of my faves my newish oxblood jeans from Abercrombie and my Sperry's, I could not live without my Sperry's! Oh don't forget the super cozy scarf from Francesca's bought by my awesome friend Rachelle!

Breakfast today after the morning elliptical session, my cinnamon toast cruch with skim milk, mmmm. I also have 2 little clementines for mid morning snack. I coordinate my lunch with my husband and his schedule varies so sometimes I require a mid morning snack and sometimes it turns into a mid afternoon snack depending on the time we go for lunch.

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